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Screw parts, stamping parts, springs


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Shenzhen hengfeng hardware co., LTD is a hardware electronic manufacturer engaged in hardware fastener, non-standard parts, stamping parts, screws and sales. Company mainly CNC CNC lathe, automatic lathe, secondary processing, punching machine, screw heading machine, thread rolling machine, computer automatic optical screening machine and other advanced production equipment and environmental protection tester, hardness tester, torsion tester, salt spray tester and other quality testing equipment, and has a group of more than ten years of hardware, engineering working experiences in electronics industry, technology......

HF Elegant demeanor
Good quality, timely delivery, quality of service and competitive prices, so that the hardware Hengfeng praise at home and abroad, and we were willing to HF greatest enthusiasm and efforts,
Develop together with all customers, to create a better future!
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Professional production: screw parts,, springs, welcome to inquire!

Contact number: 0755-89593055 13538201379 (Mr. Lang)

Address: 46-2, pangong road, kenzi street, pingshan new district, shenzhen

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